Wednesday, March 11, 2015


The president of NBC suddenly disappears into the REV.13:1 sea at the end of SEINFELD 4.4 for when the time would come that NBC's ship [news] ancor suddenly becomes no more. Per the exact words from the prophets among the lost tribes of Israel in D&C 133 that say that the REV.17 whore of Babylon will become as good as gone in only "one hour"; metaphorically speaking in descriptive symbolic wordage. ~ ~ This being the major weakness in 99.9% of all the gay ass christian books out there about the Apocalypse. Who know jack about how the beast will take down the whore who gave birth to him. ~ ~ For example, for like every 100 books on last days prophecy at your local christian book store, maybe one might say something about the restoration of the Caucasian Mountains white skinned people of the tribes of Israel who are obviously more righteous than the black skinned negros, at least most of the time, theoretically speaking. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 4ISH NOTES: I found 2009's A SERIOUS MAN at THE CHECKOUT on 10% off everything Tuesday. Then I read that that Jew who gets fucked in the ass by some other rockin'n roll Jew from Chicago, who was fucking his future Amber Heard wife, got his 666 hand smashed on the set of that pirates 5 movie being shot in Australia. In confirmation of the protagonist in the above Jew brothers movie getting kicked out of his Bonnie Lake valued middle-class house and being forced to move into the JOLLY ROGER motel. Now I see that 4 niggers were shot by another lone gunman nigger at Lil' Wayne's rock star mansion in Miami that obviously is a stand in for WAYNE'S WORLD: I, II, & III. ~ ~ IRON HORSE NOTES: The latest injured count for that negro train wreck in the south is a 56 sign of the 5.6 WHITE HORSE PROPHECY. Ergo, at the end of SEINFELD 4, Jerry jokes about how redicululously vain that whole Selma, Albama bridge building bullshit is. Just to impress the selfish girlish women in our lives who wont even let us fuck one or two of their hot sisters too; even after a million pages of neo fascistic policing laws have been written by and for the fairness and equality police in the neocon Republican Party. So now today's violent and lawless niggers in places like Ferguson, MO are still not happy with the results. Because no one, and I mean no one, hates a lying jackass liberal Jew sell-out more than a nigger. ~ ~ Talk about lilly white-ass christian frat boys all you want, the niggers are still going to get you. ~ PS MICHAEL SAVAGE: My extremely tight low budget production film schedule budget clock is ticking. You get the money, I get the porn movie [Justin Beiber] look alike stars of the future who were featured in the BOOGIE NIGHTS prophecy. Let's make a deal. ~ ~ You start telling the truth about Barack Obama, you lose half of your radio affiliate stations and half of your advertising revenue; I make up the 50/50 difference in off-shore tax-free free-love cash money in the form of teenager Asian girls who like to suck cock and know how to act. ~ ~ Think I'm crazy do you? This is the exact same deal that I recently offered to Michael Douglas and it took him about one hour to think about it and say yes. ~ ~ But it gets better. Even your arch enemy Oliver Stone is starting to think rather seriously about casting Miley Cyrus in some kind of a Janis Joplin biopic lookalike impersonater movie. ~ ~ However the fact that he is still holding out for a 100 big ones major motion picture Hollywood budget. Since he knows that yours truly et al would be more than willing to pay that much, if it would make a difference. ~ ~ And no, I AM is not talking about some crappy low budget post 1970s wannabe 1980s revenge movie made up in Vancouver, BC for Seattle. You want to do business with me, you do it on my terms. Wherein I pocket 10% of everything even before and after all expenses and or any profits. ~ ~ Why such a hard ass deal on my part you ask? ~ ~ Get real; you have been lying about what is really going on for the past six years. So why should I trust you now?

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