Sunday, April 12, 2015


The doctor who looks at uncle Leo's disagreeable eyebrows that the itchy REV.17 lady put on his head looks like Indiana. Because Indiana crashed his vintage WWII airplane on a golf course that represented THE MASTERS. ~ ~ On the same day that Hillary would come out of the closet and spill the beans with Liz Smith at THE NEW YORK POST. ~ ~ No wonder Tom Hanks wants to vote for the proverbial 7 hills woman just to get it all over with; and not drag things out any further with some gay ass Republican who is not even man enought to tell us the truth about the president with the bad sounding name. ~ ~ GSF/TWN ~ ~ OPTOPSY NOTES: The alien optopsy remarks at the beginning of THE PACKAGE represent Sheriff Joe's more professional and more mature close examination of Obama's birth certificate. In other words, today's fake patriots like Tom Hanks and Clyde Lewis now need to grow up and walk the talk. ~ ~ Think BIG meets BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINATOWN:II. ~ ~ RECIPE NOTES: Perhaps my favorite sun, sex, and pasta dish right now is this: Stir-fry a pan full of garlic and onions in lots of virgin olive oil and sea salt; then toss in chunks of sockeye salmon with a cup of thick cream until barely thickened and cooked; add your favorite pasta with oregano and dig in. ~ ~ Oh yeah, that's a good thing. ~ ~ Be sure to mop up your plate with an unsweetened pane completo bread roll of course. That is if you are going to have sex afterwards with some underaged teenager hottie who is still capable of having a normal baby with no brain damaged attention deficit bipolar birth defects. Who needs to wear glasses before age 8. ~ ~ When you are pushing your 90s, most 19 year-old girls look like they are around 14 years-old, tops. ~ ~ IRS NOTES: Uncle Leo accepts that mysterious unlabeled package bomb from Montana's log cabin anarchist bomber that was meant to blow up Jerry et al, and not me. With the very obviously written street number time-line date of 416 seen in the background. ~ ~ Jesus Christ already; unspoiled virgin teenager girls who like to suck and fuck me interest me more than most of my old ladies from the 19666s out there do. ~ ~ What did I tell you? Justin Beiber is my born again Canada mini me clone featured in AUSTIN POWERS: II & III. ~ ~ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER NOTES: I'm thinking JB plays me making love to Nicole Kidman in some kind of an indie film production because that was the only package that we could get financed by the Jew boys in Hollywood. ~ ~ Don't let anyone ever tell you that I hate the Jews. No matter what Tom Hanks and his fucked out wife look alike Barbara Streisand figure might want you to think about me and Mel Gibson and me LOST BOYS in Santa Cruz, California, the sequel. That was filmed in Charlize Theron's South Africa, for Half Moon Bay, California, using the tag line, "NEVER GROW OLD. NEVER DIE. NEVER KNOW FEAR AGAIN." per: ~ ~ STAND BY ME NOTES: This week I will decide who I want to pay for my first three independent full on XXX sailboat fuck films. Talk about the accidental billionaire producer of my future career in low budget motion pictures. ~ ~ UNCUT NOTES: Keifer Sutherland is/was a prophetically transfigured Ken Keisler look alike during the 1980s for a reason. For example, see Woody Allen's new sailboat fuck film costarring Emma Stone. ~ ~ PS HILLARY: The biggest reason why I would never vote for you as president is because you are a woman.

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