Tuesday, April 28, 2015


In the 1997 SUMMER OF GEORGE prophecy, George slips on one of my half size GSR/TWN envelopes and takes a hard fall, Brad Pitt style. Then everyone goes for coffee at STARBUCKS. For that 1260 days episode when Susan died from licking on my GSR/TWN ten virgins wedding invitation envelopes. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GOOD TO THE LAST DROP NOTES: In the above summer of 2015 SEINFELD episode, the women are wild at heart gorillas and orangutans. Ergo, that homogaysexual demon in the Bishop Bob Larson video is frightened as hell of the woman in REVELATION 17. ~ ~ [MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE is made from those cheap Amazon dot com woman beans seen in my own private BLAME IT ON RIO meets WILD ORCHID movies.] ~ ~ Think EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY, and that's the way I like it, ah huh. ~ ~ STARBUCKS' light summer blends are just a way to sell cheap wholesale price weak-tasting bland enchilada refried beans from Brazil. "...it's weak, and nobody's buying it." Paraphrasing Elaine in the very first 1260 days episode of season 8; while she chomps down hard on a big brown Rush Limbaugh cigar from Cuba. ~ ~ NICE HARD COCK NOTES: All of those volcanos, avalanches, earthquakes, and tornados in Texas that started up last week were about the 1966 OUR MAN FLINT prophecy. Wherein according to Clyde Lewis et al, it's all being done by three [666] underground mad scientists in Switzerland who want to take over the world.

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