Monday, May 18, 2015


When I saw Taylor Swift's new BAD BLOOD video on Sunday, I realized why God had tipped me off to Mark Blitz' blood moon book introduction to LOST BOYS: The Thirst at: AND: ~ ~ That was confirmed on the very same day by the bad blood between those rival cool riders at TWIN PEAKS, Waco, Texas off I-35. Because in the bloody vampire prophecy, the ex-Republican congressman turned vampire weapons designer, Jesses James style, says that his custom designed Branch Dravidian motor cycle is a real killer at exactly 35:00 minutes on my DVD copy. ~ ~ Speaking of numbers, the number 322 at Blake's shop stands for this F FOR FAKE image no.322 that was made by some dude who uses a holy water hand grenade logo, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CLYDE: Your man in the White House is banning local police from using armored vehicles. Sounds like he is a big fan of your UFO aliens AM radio show. ~ ~ Personally, I would rather see my local law enforcement heros riding around town in sand colored surplus army ABRAM M1 tanks than see an illegal alien "Commander in Chief" sitting in the Greek temple White House in DC. Who is obviously using a forged birth certificate and a stolen Social Security number. No thanks to you, and your Jewish neo con buddies who are syndicating your late night rerun talk show. Since you voted two times for the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14. ~ ~ Hey, you don't give a fuck about the US Constitution, I don't give a fuck about the US Constitution. Not to mention your gay ass King James translation of the Bible. ~ ~ PS THE POPE: You are in fact the very fulfilment of the Pope on roller skates in ROMA, circa 1973. ~ ~ PS TRAVOLTA: Tell Mr.Stone that you would be willing to make a sexed up remake sequel to URBAN COWBOY with Miley and Ariana if you get to play a juicy role playing me in his upcoming Janis Joplin movie. ~ ~ Look at this way. You get to stick it to all of those asshole weirdos out there who are making Scientology movies.

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