Friday, June 19, 2015


KILL BILL uses the above iconic Cher lyrics in the classic 1970s revenge movie's opening scenario for a Divine purpose. ~ ~ Just like the ominous Dutch Boy from Gas/town was caught in Shelby, NC in confirmation of the SHELBY MUSTAND that was introduced in the 4th quarter of THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964 from left-wing Austin, Texas. This being the beast that the whore rides in REV.17. Who then is killed by the beast who hates her, at: ~ ~ No wonder that I own everything now, and you got shit. ~ ~ Talk about FAST AND FURIOUS: 1-7. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GROUND ZERO NOTES: Late last night on the Clyde Lewis talk-radio show, he reminded us that the mother ship of all Masonite Mormon lodges is located in South Car/olina. ~ ~ JERRY LEWIS NOTES: Last night at 2:35 am Jerry Lewis said to me, "Bring me 340 people!" What the heck does that mean? There are typically about 340 people on average riding high on any givin day inside of a 747-400 BOEING jumbo jet? ~ ~ Your guess is as good as mine. ~ ~ INSANE DELUSIONAL KILLER NOTES: See this pig headed son of Ham figure at: ~ ~ No wonder that Joseph Smith believed that the childish and wild-hearted negro of sodom and egypt in REV.11 should never be trusted with the higher priesthood of God. ~ ~ Much less be allowed to be the non American Commander in Chief of America. ~ ~ KILL BILL NOTES: Part 1 of the two KILL BILL movies is about the Bible prophecy that says that one blond person will kill 10,000 niggers from Chinatown, USA. ~ ~ For example, people who support the satanic Hillary Clinton dragon lady mob boss by day, and then study the bible by night, are vermin.

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