Friday, June 26, 2015


Shut the fuck up niggers. Remember, if I don't get what they owe me, you don't get what they owe you; first things first. Like at: ~ ~ Which is why Jimmy Fall/on just got hand surgery that represented the electrifying 666 guitar hand of the lead singer in his asshole white Jew role in ALMOST FAMOUS. ~ ~ And then immediately all of those nine judges on THE SUPREMES court of "DETROIT SUCKS" died when their Dutch haircut TITANIC cruise ship from the new CHINATOWN Seattle hit a gay marriage stonewall in Alaska that represented that ice/burg that sank the TITANIC monstrosity that is Barack Obama. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RAP NOTES: Yeah yeah, most older white men can't follow rap. ~ ~ ALMOST NOTES: The longhair Rush Limbaugh door guard in ALMOST FAMOUS is a composite character. Then later we see Rush Limbaugh himself at the hotel registration desk who tells the little immature [street number 1290] ROLLING STONE Jew boy writer that his crazy fascist liberal mother did a real number on him. ~ ~ CRASH NOTES: Those 9 people hit the granite stonewall above Ella Lake. The word Ella meaning 'lady'. Which was Penny Lane's real name in the ALMOST FAMOUS prophecy. Hence those 9 bitches who were gunned down by that cute baby face Dutch boy at the 'Mother Emanuel' church of the MOTHER OF WHORES in REV.17. ~ ~ PS MACNEE: See you for sure on the flip side. You were a true top-fly royal coachman fisherman gentleman. Who always helped me deal with the painful reality of me being forced to leave my two kids with their lying and cheating mother for the better. Only to return later on tv and on the Internet movies as their really cool father hero who loves to fuck teenagers and 37ish women at the same time on his vintage 1937 era 91' sailboat in the Greek Islands. ~ ~ And nobody could stop me; not even my antihero license-to-kill hero in those three woes Dr.Evil Austin Powers trilogy. ~ ~ Note the swinging 60-70s Dutch Boy haircut on Michael Meyers in the three movies. ~ ~ MY OWN PRIVATE DICHOTOMY NOTES: Right now I AM is struggling with my own personal emotional problems makeup that wants to know who is the coolist kid out there right now. ~ ~ Is it Barack Obama, who had Donald Young shot in the head execution style? Or is it Dylann Storm Roof who did the same thing to those 9 nigger bitches? ~ ~ Admittedly, there is something very appealing about both of them. ~ ~ Bill and Hillary Clinton, not so much anymore. ~ ~ PS OLIVER STONE: You do know that I am only half Jewish. So you only take about half of what I have to say about you directing Miley Cyrus in some kind of a Janis Joplin impersonator biopick movie. What do you want from me anyway? I get down on my knees and confess that it was so wrong for me to take over your next movie? Just because I was paying for the whole she-bang with the monies that I got from my rich wife Sandra Bullock? ~ ~ NINE NOTES: Now that Nicole Kidman has openly spoken out about her 9th wedding anniversary. I'm probably going to go ahead and watch NINE again and see if it has something to do with Tarantino struggling with his 9th movie precepts and concepts.

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