Thursday, June 4, 2015


I see that the King and Queen of Holland are now visiting America in confirmation of my latest Princess Die postings about MULHOLLAND DR. ~ ~ Think the above London look alike in 1973 FRENZIE meets my 1973 look alike in ROMA, at: ~ ~ Now it's starting to look more and more like my Kingdom of England and France is going to gradually spread across all of northern Europe. Per 007 Roger Moore marrying into royalty in the same region while living in Switzerland for tax reasons. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ISIS STRATEGY NOTES: Everyone is jumping ship at Hamas and Hezbula and joining ISIS for a neo con Christian Judeo prophecy about the white Christian messianic Jews in the west teaming up with the King of England to fight fire with fire. ~ ~ Steel sharpens steel. ~ ~ It is by the wicked that the wicked are punished. ~ ~ What goes around the wheel comes around the wheel. ~ ~ Take two aspirins in the morning and call me. ~ ~ Yada yada. ~ ~ 123 NOTES: That 3-2-1 countdown coffee pot at the end of MULHOLLAND DR is for the three woes '...123' plate on the limo that crashed in the opening sequence of the movie. ~ ~ Which was just confirmed by that Italian [Ornella Fresh] tourist bus collision on I-380 in the Poconos. That represents the region's fabled spring creek top-fly trout fishing streams. ~ ~ HANNA MONTANA NOTES: Due to the freak weather, it's looking more and more like this season's best bet for fly fishing is in northwestern Montana. Due west of David Letterman's dude ranch hangout for older guys who love to fuck young women who still look attractive and sexy. ~ ~ EXCEPTION TO THE RULE NOTES: Jordan Creek's amazingly exotic black spotted Montana cutthroat creek waters are not only fead by the two Jordan lakes, but also by the underground springs coming down from the above Snow Lakes region. ~ ~ And just when I was beginning to wonder if I would never see it again; much less watch both Kristen Stewart and I licking the salt off of our mutual girlfriends' pussies around the campfire at night; Captain Garrison gave me a copy of BUSINESSAIR magazine out of nowhere at STARBUCKS. ~ ~ Letting me know in no uncertain terms that I can go there anytime that I want. ~ ~ A VIEW TO A KILL NOTES: Roger Moore reminds me of Paul Garrison for some reason; the rather shorter and bald Eric Jaderholm, not so much. ~ ~ PS RICK PERRY: Two days before you announced your intention to run for President, God suggested that I might want to review MISS CONGENIALLITY:II again. See: ~ ~

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