Monday, June 22, 2015


The amazing Dylann Storm Roof look alike antihero in I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND loses his RE.17 wife in the end when the burning roof of a stately building collapses down on her. Then the building miraculously rises up from the ashes and becomes born again. Which the Czechs' so famously described as today's new and improved "velvet glove" fascism. ~ ~ Represented by the protagonist's medal of honor that he had received from the grand leader of negro Africa. Who would become born again circa 1961; complete with an amazing new birth certificate from Hawaii. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ US OPEN NOTES: If you watched the golf tournament in the 1961 prophecy called THE BELLBOY, you already saw that miraculously missed 4' put at the last hole. Which obviously means that the movie's hijacked airliner earthquake scenarios is still in play. ~ ~ MAP SIGNS: Those various Kings Mountain landmarks in the WHITE HORSE PROPHECY area where Mr. Roof was arrested are all located off of I-85, for a D&C 85 thing. ~ ~ Right there is Blacks/burg in EZE.10 Cherokee County, etc. Anything with a 'burg' on the end of it being German of course. ~ ~ Nearby LIMESTONE COLLEGE looks like the stately Greek homosexual Supreme Court building in DC, at: ~ ~ That oddly enough, has the traditional Nation of Islam [Temple Mount] dome crown on top of it. This being the false prophet in REV.16's Anderson Island earthquake prophecy. Anderson being a traditional Eric Jaderholm style Scandinavian surname. And the tall dark and handsom 6'3" Capt. Garrison [Springs] is 1/3 Norwegian, 1/3 Jewish, and 1/3 native American. ~ ~ UNITED ORDER NOTES: The reason why that luxurious community mountain lodge and golf course cult colony for spring-creek fly fishing billionaires is located near Yellowstone, complete with private jet strip, is because a 4000 square foot log cabin with Jacob's stone fireplace is the standard of Israel. And the rest of the monies left after expenses should be deposited into the United Order credit union cult for men who like to fuck two wives at a time. ~ ~ FACEBOOK NOTES: No matter how you slice it or dice it, FACEBOOK is the new better looking kind and generous face of Hitler. Which means that Jimmy Fallon et al are his new henchmen, plain and simple. Who want to get everything in life for free; just as long as the money is right for them. ~ ~ 40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN NOTE: Taking the private money away from politics is pure democratic fascism.

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