Thursday, June 25, 2015


Selena Gomez sings about her 14k pussy for Kingston's Miley Sire Us Rt.104 landmark, at: ~ ~ [Miley looks like a white Indian girl from Montana.] ~ ~ Which is why the BOOK OF MORMON poster girl from Dallas, Texas has been spotted lately wearing Kate Hudson's ALMOST FAMOUS sunglasses. Wherein the young budding GSR/TWN writer finally gets through THE DOORS after having flashed his Howard Stern cover for CREAM magazine. ~ ~ "You half to make your reputation on being honest... and unmerciful." ~ ~ Therefore, the prophetic September 13, 2000 movie release ends with an EZE.10 medicine wheel jet airliner ticket-to-ride shot one year before September 11, 2001. ~ ~ Followed up by that negro church lady's idol shaped plastic fantastic ANGAMIME SYRUP bottle for wafflers. ~ ~ Which was all about the film's quest to discover what is real life. As played out by the rock star's fantasy world confessions in the end. About lying about gay marriage, democratic fascism, Obama's phoney baloney born again birth certificate, and nationalised Obamacare; you name it. ~ ~ Hence the repeated Colorado Rocky Mountain high mighty line in the movie that goes, "Don't take drugs." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ H8 NOTES: The Dutch Dick Van Patton star of EIGHT IS ENOUGH died at 86 Tuesday. Timing is everything, yada yada. ~ ~ REPUBLICAN PARTY NOTES: Since virtually all Republicans believe in Social Security and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And they all believe that Obama's birth certificate is real; what is so unconstitutional about gay marriage [Sodom] and Obamacare [Egypt]¿ ~ ~ That's like saying you believe in Jesus, but you don't believe in the BM.

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