Monday, June 15, 2015


The day after Hillary Clinton relaunched her OPERATION DUFFER sequel remake prequel on Roosevelt Island before a crowd of mostly white middle aged Jews from Brooklyn, those zoo animals escaped from some new REV.12 zoo in Georgia, USSR. In confirmation of that REV.13 lion on the loose at the end of THE LADIES' MAN. ~ ~ Wherein the scarred face Dustin Hoffman himself showed up at the door to squire Miss Pierce [County] around town. ~ ~ Who represented the 666 Chicago mob politics of today's ugly Jewish midgets Democrat Party operation. ~ ~ For example, my posted image of those two nazi guards of Judah and Ephraim represent the 4 freedoms of the new fascist beast. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FAITH TEMPLE NOTES: When Jerry enters the holy of holy chambers in that doll house of the lord in SLC, UT, he sees the temple veil bed where the older men of Israel get to have sex with virgins. ~ ~ MATT 25 NOTES: The star of THE LINCOLN LAWYER lost his good looks when his facial bone structure shifted south due to a severe lack of whole wheat flour nutrition. ~ ~ Therefore, now he is not the most handsome man in all of Hollywood. But just another run-of-mill very good looking guy around town in Austin, Texas, etc. ~ ~ LOST BOYS NOTES: In the LOST BOYS series, the post hippie parents are spawning little monster vampire children with bipolar behavior problems in the scenes about pancakes and spaghetti. For example, in THE ERRAND BOY, 1961, the Jew boys start eating their white bread sandwiches when the strings quartet starts playing 'stout grains' on the radio program of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim during the DAYS ISLAND period; circa 1993-1996. ~ ~ US OPEN NOTES: The 18-hole course in University Place, Washington is enough to make even the best there is look like duffers. ~ ~ TNT TV NOTES: That iconic ultra white Nazi tv show interviewer [intergration race interrogator] in my own private prophetic Richard Burton images is Conan O'Brien, again at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ GREEN NOTES: The ongoing swarm of strange earthquakes in Greene County, Alabama is about the Black Warrior River and Clinton, AL. For when the black days of the 1290 days era commander in chief from Chicago, Hawaii is not even a US citizen. No matter what the likes of Medved and O'Rielly have to say about it.

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