Saturday, June 6, 2015


God says that the Sabbath is a day of rest. ~ ~ So lay back in your NIAGRA therapy chair and enjoy. ~ ~ Natalie Merchant's KIND AND GENEROUS video is actually about me thanking Miley Sire Us for her future circus clown dedications in the form of music videos and instantgram images. Which were expanded upon in her inspired WONDER video, like 23 years later-ago. ~ ~ Same thing goes for Natalie Merchant featuring Kristen Stewart on the guitar in her JEALOUSY prophecy. ~ ~ THESE ARE DAYS being about me crashing at Ken Keisler's shag pad on Days Island in South Puget Sound, yada yada. ~ ~ Then we have Natalie Merchant's video about all those Jewish nigger neocons in New York City called CARNIVAL. ~ ~ Bottom line, if you have not been eating at least one full serving of whole wheat bread every single day for the past six months, don't expect me to service you. ~ ~ Yes, we can still fuck; but you'll have to be using some kind of birth control. ~ ~ Think ERASER HEAD's nightmare meets LOST HIGHWAY's nightmare. Jesus Christ, who wants to be saddled with those kind of problems for the rest of their lives? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TAXING NOTES: The Jews at the NYT don't stand a chance against me as long as they hang onto their progressive taxation Marxism ideas. Money talks, bullshit walks. ~ ~ PS DAVID: Now that you are off the air, it's time to cut the crap and get real. There is a Providential reason why God has spared your exclusive fly fishing horseback riding dude ranch in northwest Montana from the drought. ~ ~ I.e. he wants you to immediately go back to work. ~ ~ Look at it this way. If I get the Hanna Montana cowgirl, you get the Hana Montana cowgirl too, times two. ~ ~ That goes for you too David Lynch and Mr.Cage. ~ ~ PS CLYDE LEWIS: The only reason why I have asked my UFO flying saucer pilots at ALASKA AIRLINES to leave you alone and not stick their scientific research probes into your abducted asshole is because you are still useful to me. ~ ~ You don't cross the line, I don't cross the line. ~ ~ That said, let me know if you are a bit short on cash. ~ ~ What are friends for anyway? ~ ~ So what, you like to bitch about me just like Ken Kemp, Ken McLeod, Ken Keisler, and my exwife and her two sons of Israel from Portland, Oregon, France like to bitch about me. ~ ~ You can't make an omlett without cracking a few eggs like the future secret [Internet] blogger agent 007 Roger Moore does in A VIEW TO A KILL meets OCTOPUSSY. ~ ~ Dude, get real; the obvious answer to 666 niggermania mob rule fascism is Marshall Law. There can be no freedom without law. And all of that white christian conservative neo con horse shit that does not even take into account the fact that today's Commander in Chief is not even a US citizen. Talk about the apostate religion region heroine of the masses that Karl Marx believed in, circa 2016. ~ ~ SEIGNFELD NOTES: When Clyde Lewis finally overcomes his surreal funny boy issues with the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, look for him to be making some kind of an Internet rip off series about him driving around with me in a mint condition race car green 74 ALFA GTV. ~ ~ Don't laugh, if your fancy NYC/LA coffee joint does not roast their select east coast African beans on a daily basis, you will never stack up to me and the boyz at THE SALT LAKE CITY ROASTING COMPANY.

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