Monday, June 29, 2015


Puffy fell into that trap door at the BET awards shortly after that FALCON 9 exploded into a puff of smoke off of I-95 in Florida. Destroying it's DRAGON capsule that was headed for Hillary Clinton's Operation Suffer space station at the end of OUR MAN IN LIKE FLINT: I&II. Because the Banana estuary forms the Cape Canaveral launch site that represents the kind of Banana republic money/monkey business politics of those 9 judges in all of those PLANET OF THE APES remake prequel sequel movies. ~ ~ Don't laugh, SPACEX is located right next door to Athens, California. ~ ~ And the firm's CEO has some nice look alike angles of Peter Lorre; like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Most medical scientists still believe that the prideful and unrepentant AIDS parade marchers in REV.9 go back to the hot monkey sex traditions in Africa; where the abomination of desolation was born. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOT FOR EVERYONE NOTES: Could be Cameron Crowe would be a better writer director choice for the Janis Joplin biopick; starring Miley Cyrus. Let the ass kissing begin. ~ ~ PS FALLON: You fell down and hurt your little guitar pinky on that coffee table in MULHOLLAND DR. because Bono also had fallen off his medicine wheel in Central Park at the same time that U2 was on the cover of ROLLING STONE's special edition fanzine magazine. ~ ~ MIDAS TOUCH NOTES MEETS PS KEN-KEISLER, KEN-KEMP, AND KEN-MCLEOD: If you three stooges could use a few extra big ones right now in order to feather your retirement plans; find that very same used SONY brand model video camera that David Lynch used to make his last feature Internet film in Poland. ~ ~ Remember, anybody who has ever touched my life and inspired me is now worth their weight in gold. ~ ~ Let the scavenger hunt and garage sale fun begin.

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