Wednesday, June 17, 2015


That 4th floor sign balcony collapse that killed at least six of those Irish Conan O'Brien fans represented the stage 4 billboard in ERRAND BOY, 1961, that says "THE END" at the end of the fake Barack Obama birth certificate year movie. ~ ~ [Motion pictures are fakery, etc.] ~ ~ After the film's aging southern bell [Australia] birthday party disaster that represented Nicole Kidman's birthday party, circa 2015. ~ ~ Per my dream about her telling me that we can get together after I give her a bottle of WHITE LABEL Scotch [golf course] that bears the two ancient emblems of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SUPER JEW NOTES: Here is the tall and good looking super model Cara Delevigne posing in Jerry Lewish Jew boy shorts at: ~ ~ Last night Michael told me that I have something good to eat. ~ ~ Yeah whatever; then I went upstairs and opened a new bag of supposedly really spicy and tasty "LATE JULY" label 'sex-on-the-beach' chips to go with my Greek humus bean dip. Then I saw this at: ~ ~ AND SEE: ~ ~ SALTY PUSSY NOTES: There is a reason why it is still illegal in most states for deer hunters to put out a salt lick in order to attract their big buck deer prey. Come on now, that just wouldn't be playing fair would it. ~ ~ Most game department biologists would agree that you need to have at least one buck for every 100 does in order to maintain the herd population. ~ ~ TWO WITNESSES NOTES: Here is both of the two stars of the PRACTICAL MAGIC prophecy appearing at the same time at: ~ ~ PS NEVE: That creepy old billionaire who gave you a cool million in cash if you would just let him eat your pussy in WHEN WILL I BE LOVED was me of course. The indie film's younger jerk who fucked you in the ass represented your last three "husbands" of course. ~ ~ TRUMP NOTES: As a solid Tea Party WHITE HORSE prophecy Mormon Utah conservative, I would rather see Barack Obama remain in the White House for the next 42 months, rather than see another moderate Republican middle-of-the-road Bushy move in there. ~ ~ For example, last night I dreamed that the martyred Howard Stern would be the born again resurrected key to me getting to fuck those five virgin teenagers in the 1961 doll house prophecy entitled THE LADIES MAN. Starting with the Jennifer Garner looking one who was the most sweet on me. Possibly including the crazy movie's Greek Jew Jennifer Aniston look alike who asked me to play along with her in her behind-the-bedroom-door role playing scenes. ~ ~

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