Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Dylann Storm Roof shot those 9 church lady niggers right after the 9th month of Ramadan had begun at sundown. Which represented the June 18 anniversary of those 9 firefighters who died in Charleston, South Carolina when a burning false-ceiling roof suddenly fell down on them. ~ ~ WOW, didn't see that one coming. Now that practically every single federally subsidised local fire and police department in America is now promoting homogaysexuality and third-wayism. ~ ~ That is if they know what's good for them. ~ ~ But I digress; Storm King Mountain is 1448 meters tall and towers above Washington Creek, Mineral Creek, and Gallop Creek, next to the Rt.7 reference to the 7 mountains beast in REV.17; which ends in Mort/on, Washington. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORE NIGGER NOTES: Puffy got arrested for making terrorist threats at USC, 11 niggers were shot by some rich nigger at a birthday party in Detroit, a cop-killer nigger named Mr.Boys was arrested on a bus in The Big N.O... right after those 9 niggers got it too in Charleston by some other trigger-happy white nigger who looks just like Justin Bieber with a Dutch Boy haircut. ~ ~ TITANIC NOTES: Mr.Horner's retro WWII plane crashed and burned at this particular point in time because he was gay, plain and simple. ~ ~ Heck, this is the Dick Smith Wilderness area for God's sake, just east of Hog Springs, and due west of Dutch Campground and Halfmoon Campground. In confirmation of my two Jordan Lakes and two Falls Lakes camping recommendations. ~ ~ With the water levels as low as they are on the west coast right now. One is going to have to look for fly-fishing creeks that still have a decent amount of underground water sourcing. ~ ~ Otherwise, Montana, Wyoming, and Alberta will probably be your best bets for this summer and fall. ~ ~ OBAMATRADE NOTES: This particular issue is about the fulfilment of the last days prophecy in REV.18, plain and simple. ~ ~ Yours truly is a long time supporter of free trade. Without any kind of Donald Trump style populist nationalist socialist import-export taxes. I AM is certainly no big fan of the internationalist Marxist Jewish capitalist bankers conspiracy that is now being tolerated, if not promoted, by today's half Jewish neocon Republicans in both [sides] houses of congress. ~ ~ I DON'T REALLY CARE ANYMORE NOTES: The reason why the two witnesses are not making a big deal out of the Obamatrade abomination is because they know that it doesn't really matter anymore. Since America is about to break up into the three parts in REV.16. anyway. And therefore what anybody says in DC ain't gonna mean dick to the folks in Texas and Oklahoma.

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