Sunday, June 21, 2015


Forget about the fact that there are 9 judges on the Supreme Court of Sodom and Egypt; which we all know by now is going to come to a very bloody and violent ending. ~ ~ Maybe H8 will be a great JUST FOR MEN guys movie; maybe not. But I would bet dollars to donuts that it will be at least a very interesting movie. Now that he still has the time to edit in a few sweet shots before it comes out on Christmas. See what I AM is telling you at: ~ ~ I.e. nobody will get to direct one of my indie film low-budget looking movies for 100 big ones if they don't even ever bother to call me up once in awhile and ask me for my KILL BILL:2 type imput on their latest indulgent teenager sex film project. ~ ~ Know this before you even call me; I am going to have to see a lot of blood and gore and older men fucking underaged girls in your next adaptation opus screenplay if you want my kind of money. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CLYDE LEWIS: If you still are harboring physical transfiguration sailboat fantasies about directing low budget Wi-Fi Internet horror movies; here's an idea. Some late night retro 1950s era anti-communist UFO talk radio populist neo con is suddenly taken off the air by the gog magog space alien invaders prophesied of in EZE.38. ~ ~ Bear with me now, and don't hang up on me. ~ ~ I'm thinking you interview me live on the radio, just like old times in SLC, Utah. Then I drop a couple of big ones on your next born again career as a SUNDANCE filmmaker. And then again we call it even Steven. ~ ~ Just a suggestion, the hero who lives in a middle class Masonite brick house in London in SHAUN OF THE DEAD looks like the killer who shot all of those ugly looking zombie niggers in the head in [Prince Charles] Chareston. Not to mention that the anti-hero in the original LOST BOYS also looks like some kind of a retro 'Baby Face Nelson' cold blooded killer kid at: ~ ~ Not to mention Justin Beiber's big hit from the past called BABY BABY. ~ ~ GOOGLE ME NOW NOTE: That is the Barack Obama monkey born in Africa on my back in Google's latest doodle depiction of the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. ~ ~ Oh yeah, I now own at least a 51% controlling share of and MICROSOFT and the privately controlled federal reserve bank. Not to mention the Vatican Bank in Roma and my very favorite bank in all of the world, based in Canada.

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