Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Last night during the Clyde Lewis show, Charlie Sheen suddenly came down with a severe case of diarhia, according to: http://www.tmz.com/2015/06/09/charlie-sheen-food-poisoning-paramedics-911/ ~ ~ Because Charlie and the boyz have the eXact same politics as Clyde. ~ ~ Now I'm thinking, if we want to make a really big splash debut with our coffee and cars rip off series; let's start with Charlie in the passanger seat and my imaginary friend Brad Pitt hiding in the cramped 2+2 back seat. For a double whammy blow out introduction that could stand a chance at challenging Jerry Seinfeld's extremely successful classic cars show. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS FIAT: I know that you guys have been looking for a way to reintroduce the ALFA ROMEO brand in North America. ~ ~ This one is on the house. ~ ~ However, I do have a few suggestions. How about making Ariana Grande the new face and your new spokesperson? ~ ~ That said, don't think that you could just put her in one of your uninspiring existing models and let the cameras roll. ~ ~ Rather, you need to come up with some kind of a more practical modern retro version of the 1974 GTV as a part of your rebranded fuck me all over again a second time launch. Along the same lines as the new born again MINI that became a cultural car revolution during the post 1260 days era of the two witnesses. ~ ~ JERRY LEWIS NOTES: Last night I watched the first act of THE LADIES MAN, 1961. ~ ~ Jesus Christ what a peculiar inspired movie. Wherein Jerry Lewis roll plays all of those big babies of Israel who hate the Biblical principle of plural marriage, starting around 30:30 minutes on my DVD. ~ ~ For starters, see: http://fourthreefilm.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/the-ladies-man-set.png ~ ~ PS REDFORD: My idea of an interesting coffee and cars bit would involve you in the passenger seat of an older red 911 stopping at some HASTY TASTY type coffee shop in Provo, Utah. For a couple of over-easy eggs with hash browns and a side of buckwheat pancakes, and then we ride back up to Sundance and go fly fishing. ~ ~ Elder Monson spent his summers on the South Fork of the Provo River fly fishing for German brown trout, etc. And now his main sidekick is a Paul Garrison type ALASKA pilot from Germany, and so on... Of course you would have to become the financial backer of the entire show. I just don't see any other way that we could get Allan Alda and Larry King to be on our show. And have the whole thing being directed by a Martin Scorsese or an Oliver Stone. I mean, that kind of thing costs money. ~ ~ PLAN C NOTES: My idea for some kind of a rip off of my Seinfeld rip off would involve Kenny Kemp and Bruce Troxell directing a coffee and cars series with various has been B-actors.

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