Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Generally speaking, most Jews, queers, and niggers hate white people because on the whole they tend to be more righteous and straight shooting than the average bear. ~ ~ And we can't have that can we. ~ ~ Ergo, recent poles have indicated that the most unpopular religious tradition in America is the Pentecost church of Sara Palin et al. ~ ~ Since the gifts of the Holy Spirit have a tendency to spook the feel-good people in the mainline religions of contemporary mormon catholic protestantantism. ~ ~ With the possible exception of Glenn Beck et al who now are teetering on the verge of outright down-on-your knees christian catholic protestant mormon fundamentalism. Which more often than not leads to tea party type political fundamentalist screaming and shouting. ~ ~ Can I get a hallelujah? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACK TO SCHOOL NOTES: South Carolina's Limestone College specializes in a christian education for special needs students. Who are the white flour victims of today's apostate Christians who can not even stand to look at the creepy and unfamiliar 2BC; much less actually read it and then pray about it. ~ ~ IN THE KITCHEN WITH GREG NOTES: If you mix in about one third of unbleached white flour with your MAGIC MILL whole wheat flour bread, and then pound it with your fists for a good 5 minutes. You will get the kind of Italian 'pane compagna' that is great for mopping up all of those tomatoe and cream sauces in Stanley Gucci's inspired cook book, at: AND: ~ ~ AND:,204,203,200_.jpg ~ ~ SHARE THE SHARES NOTES: There is something very inspiring in that communal Montana white pine log cabin paradise development located outside of Yellowstone. ~ ~ Think the fraternal lodge of the elk and moose bucks, yada yada.

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