Friday, June 12, 2015


Those foolish five virgin sand sharks crashed on I-95 in Oak Hill, Florida for the seven hills genealogy tree beast in REV.13:1. According to my 1960s Miley Cyrus Love Bug dream about an atomic bomb explosion in Oak Town that killed ten million people. ~ ~ Which represents that Anderson Island earthquake in THE BELLBOY when Lewis hijacks Capt. Garrison's jet airliner headed for Chicago meets LA. ~ ~ Because the 5 dog sharks were being trucked up to Jewville, NY from Marathon [[man] FL by some specialty transportation keep-on-trucking company called DYNASTY. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ YESTERDAY'S NEWS NOTES: For some reason, I found at least six one half dozen the other typos and incoherent [Jerry Lewis] dialogue in yesterday's GSR/TWN post. You might want to read it again in order to better understand the logic behind today's new post. ~ ~ For example, in my excitement I forgot to post this career update about Elizabeth Hurley at: ~ ~ "Passion is the enemy of precision." [ZERO EFFECT] ~ ~ PANIC AT THE DISCO NOTES: We see a couple running for their lives after Jerry Lewis takes a flash shot of the full blood moon in THE BELLBOY. Remember, this was the same Miami hotel resort where they shot GOLDFINGER. ~ ~ MY MOTHER NOTES: Every time I find new pictures of Queen Elizabeth II at DAILY MAIL, I like to show them to my 90ish Jewish mother. Just to hear her say, "I know her." ~ ~ INTRODUCTIONARY NOTES: Last night, I managed to finish the first two acts of 1964's THE PATSY. Which was about all about those Jewish phoney baloney kosher communist jazz music homos from Brooklyn, NY who moved to Hollywood. And then later they all got behind the communist conspiracy of the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. ~ ~ Then we fast forward to 2015, when the news breaks about that Jewish looking woman who has been trying to pass off her fake negro birth certificate in Spokane, Washington. ~ ~ ADAPTATION SCREENPLAY NOTES: After what just happened in Clinton County, New York, my prophetic ideas behind Miley Cyrus playing Janis Joplin in some kind of a VIVA LAS VEGAS meets NATURAL BORN KILLERS remake are no longer on the table. ~ ~ Now it's all my project; including the money. I'm taking over everything now; metaphorically speaking.

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