Monday, June 8, 2015


Think Bratt Pitt just let it be known that he wants to be the first guest on Clyde Lewis' rip off cars and coffee Internet series. Which all of those smug superior race Jews in Hollywood never saw coming, at: ~ ~ Even though about 85% of them have the exact same [war machine] mentality problems as Clyde Lewis et al have. I'm thinking that the best way to distinguish ourselves from Jerry's show is to always have some slouching stranger hiding in the back seat of the car whispering his staged reality show directions. ~ ~ For example, when Brad and Clyde start to come to blows and step out of the car to settle things once and for all. We're talking only a little bit of pushing and shoving and lots of really obscene name calling. ~ ~ Remember, both of these dudes are getting too old to actually start duking it out with their fists. Plus, we would have to be in shape to do it all over again the next week, and the week after; with guests like Gary Oldman, Robert Redford, Robert DeNiro, and Larry David; plus Mr. John Malkobitch just being himself, like at: . ~ ~ Not to mention David Lynch, Harrison Ford, and Steven Spielberg and Nick Nolte. ~ ~ My idea of a really cool post GST/TWN video-blog about old restored cars will be about old guys who want to be young again. ~ ~ And who would be more than willing to put up the money if it means having sex in some cramped 2+2 back seat sports car with a young woman who is still physically attractive. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ~ PS ARIANA FRESH: After I saw yesterday's modern woman comments by Ariana Grande that went viral, I found Jerry Lewis' modern era movie entitled THE LADIES' MAN. Because she is one of those special new spirits that will come forth in the last days according to the revelations. ~ ~ When the principle of plural marriage will be restored again in all it's glory. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Note that the former came out in the same year that Barack Obama was born. Per 2008, when most of the ladies voted for him; even though he was a known homosexual from Chicago at the time. Don't laugh, Most of the Mormon church leaders in Utah also voted for him. Not to mention the late Nyle Smith and Donelle Willy. ~ ~ PS CLINT & MEL: We realize that you two are probably pretty busy right now with making a movie and trying to restore your reputation with the Jews. But if that doesn't work out for you two... I will be looking for experienced directors with a proven track record who know how to bring home the goods in the near future. ~ ~ According to THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON, never throw good money after bad money. ~ ~ PS WOODY: Obviously you are a special case. In that you are short enough to play the unseen back-seat-driver horse-whisperer [INVISIBLE MAN] character in my future Clyde Lewis reality rip-off TV series. I'm thinking 10 big ones for only 6 half-hour installments and I let you live, symbolically speaking. I know that you don't know anything about modern day social media. But right now all of the hot action for loney swingers who need a girlfriend is at places like, at: ~ ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: More taxation is not the answer. Only less taxation, regulation, and litigation is going to restore the greatness of America. Plus, it wouldn't hurt if the NYT Jews would finally come clean on Barack Obama. At least we can agree on that much.

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