Monday, July 20, 2015


The above pop music hit by that British mulatto singer in the John Hughes 80s was about my future sidekick Barack Obama. ~ ~ For example, the reason why John McCain is just a second rate hero at best is because he is too cowardly to confront the mulatto usurper in the White House. ~ ~ A real American hero would never stand for an illegal alien with a fake birth certificate and a stolen Social Security number to become the Commander in Chief of America's armed forces heros. ~ ~ Talk about apostate Christian homosexual boy scout men taking the kids to DISNEYLAND in Orange County, California and Florida. ~ ~ Oh yeah, the young naive boy in a uniform [John McCain] was shot down and forced to suck cock for over five years in a communist prison. ~ ~ Obviously it made a lasting impression on him. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HEROIC NOTES: I will say this much for McCain's somewhat heroic biography. His life throughout the years has been a shining example of the fact that homosexuality is 90% lifestyle choice, and only about a 10% born-that-way thing. ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: It says in the Old Testament that the girls will show the boys the way in the last days, like at: ~ ~ For example, last night I decided to watch one of John Hughes 1980s movies about my exwife fucking Steven Hughes instead of me. So I took another look at SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL. Wherein my future wife Kristen Stewart hooks me up with my future wife Miley Cyrus. Because at the time I was just an uneducated 19 year-old Mormon boy working at a greasy-spoon joint who was too naive and too sexy for his own good. ~ ~ KING OF ENGLAND NOTES: My own private prophecy movie called I SERVED THE KIND OF ENGLAND was about the day when a fancy hotel and casino resort operator would become the president of at least 1/3 of Amerika. ~ ~ PS DONALD: When the rich resort fancy-world business starts to look a bit iffy, may I suggest buying up all the mining investment properties surrounding Crooked Lake in BC? There is a reason why Crooked Lake, Canada looks a lot like Lake Como, Switzerland. ~ ~ Take it from me. One of the last truly genuine for-real know-it-alls standing. Now is the time to get out while the getting is good. ~ ~ All that I AM is asking for is 10% of everything you got. You get to keep the rest; post 666 IRS of course. ~ ~ Let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~

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