Monday, July 13, 2015


That cracked crystal egg football metaphore of the physical transfiguration placed between the two candle sticks of Judah and Ephraim in RISKY BUSINESS represented Steven Hughes' egg farm family biography. ~ ~ So after I saw the iconic movie for the first time in a decade, and 54 REV.9 stingrays died of AIDS related conplications in a Chicago marina, I saw my 29ish sexy selfie in a mirror wearing black frame HARRY POTTER glasses that I had bought at SEARS' optical boutique location at the ALDERWOOD MALL in Lynwood, Washington, just off I-5. ~ ~ Because after that 928 bearing '...264' got baptised in Mitt Romney's Lake Michigan, it was still all covered in muck and mud, like at: ~ ~ Both SEARS and BOEING now being based out of CHICAGO. And they ran that Vince Vaughn rerun on Fallon on the very same same day. ~ ~ Oh yeah, Rush limbaugh was not lying about ALLEN MEATS having the best all beef hot dogs in the world: not to mention their flash-frozen liver-cut top sirloins. Hence Kit Winn's legendary frozen stakes salesman biography. ~ ~ And the fact that he looked exactly like the forerunner to Philip Seymour Hoffman. ~ ~ Remember, when you cast me in your next indie fuck film masterpiece; you get Orson Welles, Jerry Lewis, Richard Burton, Marlon Brando and Federico Fellini and me behind the camera scene for the bargain price of only 100 big ones apiece. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RISKY NOTES: When I'm about to fuck Sienna Miller big time on the no. 12 train, we see the D&C 58 BANQUET ON A BUM feast reference to Seattle's 24/7 HASTY TASY biography. As a royal coachman rides by that represents my trademark no.12 hook royal coachman buck hair top fly preference when it comes to western creek native cutthroat trout in the 8-9" range, like at: ~ ~ POLITICS NOTES: Obama wants more transsexual negro prostitutes walking the neat and well-trimmed short hair Republican grass sidewalks in suburban Chicago, according to this kookie look alike report at: ~ ~ Who is all wet now? Donald Trump, or that Mexican billionaire darkie who just escaped from a Mel Gibson type catholic church 666 prison? After the nigger bitch came down on the police for fucking with her supportive killer niggers who are selling drugs in America? And so then the niggers completely took over her city. Where they made all of my own private transexual John Waters REV.17 HAIRSPRAY movies from the 50s/60s/70s/80s ? ~ ~ HANNAH MONTANA AND HER SISTERS NOTES: Apparently that middle aged woman who was just too fat and too old to be seen in a HURLEY BEACH brand bikini stepped on a REV.13:1 sands of Israel landmine east of I-95 Kingston, RI for some kind of a Providence promotion for Woody Allen's new IRRATIONAL MAN movie. ~ ~ And you all thought that the only reason why I AM is still interested in fucking Elizabeth Hurley and fly fishing on Elton John's private chalk stream country estate is because I'm tired of waiting for you idiots to get it. Guess you got that much right.

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