Friday, July 24, 2015


The prophetic Lafayette Cemetery scenes in DRACULA 2000 represented all of those omen signs that were occurring in and around Lafayette Park in Washington, DC at the time; located right across from today's desecrated Greek columns White House. Egro, the DOUBLE WHAMMY 42 months prophecy ends for sure on January 20, 2016. For a Providential REV.11 reference to the [7.20] beginning count down in Barack Obama's Aurora, Colorado new dawn of fascism landmark. ~ ~ Remember, we are talking months, not days; looking at everything that is happing now with a 30 days time-frame perspective. ~ ~ And not just an exact one-day-only sale 1260/1290 day thing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GUESS JEANS NOTES: I would guess that my faithful dark skinned LONE RANGER sidekick will still be in power after 42 months. But his attention will be turned away from fucking the righteous white man in the ass by some kind of an internationalist Jewish fucker crisis. ~ ~ I could be wrong on this. Even though about 99% of the time I am not wrong about saying whatever I feel like saying. ~ ~ PS CONAN O'BRIEN: Welcome home my friend. Good to have you back where you belong. Can I fix you a drink or something? ~ ~ WHITE HORSE PROPHECY NOTES: We see the WHITE HORSE PROPHECY in DRACULA 2000 at 14:24 minutes on my DVD copy. ~ ~ TRAINWRECK NOTES: That train wreck in the Czech Republic was about I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND prophecy. Oh yeah, the tall blond [Donald Trump] people from outer space are about to take over planet earth and make all of today's ape shit niggers become their slaves. For example, see every low-buget planet earth UFO invasion movie that was made in the creepy 50s and 60s. ~ ~ During the time when only pure white Christian men were allowed to rule the new world. And all of today's filthy dirty Jewish communist homosexual traitors were still not even allowed to join their local private golf club. ~ ~ In other words, if you do not care if the president is an American citizen, then you too no longer have a right to call yourself a US citizen. What goes around comes around. ~ ~ You fuck me, I fuck you.

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