Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Smiley posted pix of her encoded rainbow love plot at the same time that my post started rolling out about the coded message left by the kidnapped 666 scientist in DEATH TOO SOON, at: ~ ~ In confirmation of the 1979 movie's antidote to aging that looks like a rainbow of big Ben Afflect size boners at about 9:36 and 20:30 into my $3 copy I found at WAL*MART. ~ ~ All of this means nothing of course if you do not believe that the "SM ILE" sign in the skies above Portland is a BRITTANIA message about Sienna Miller from the Isle of Britain, etc. etc. ~ ~ Per Clyde Lewis' numerous shows about big money corporation [VIRGIN,London] airliner jets spraying chem-trails across America. ~ ~ Therefore the '269...' license plate on Captain America's 70s era shag van stands for Smiley looking ten years older at: ~ ~ And the British Emma Watson look style icon figure in the crowd has the same tunnel cloud hairdo and the same era tv movie television set at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AFRICAN AMERICAN NOTES: The prophetic news about that REV.13 lion of Judah being legally hunted down by a white man from the Twin Cities in America came out right after the abomination of desolation in DANIEL 12 ended his white safari tour of Africa. Wherein he decided at the last minute not to visit the little people in the little African hospital village where he was born. Because that would have been too embarrassing for all of his black Jew neo con supporters and stonewallers back home in America. ~ ~

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