Sunday, July 26, 2015


Yet 5 more foolish [VIRGIN RECORDS, London] people died in a fiery carwreck-train reaction outside of Lafayette, Indiana; east of Romney. So here is the new post FDR deal at ~ ~ Every foolish member of the new and improved RLDS church is going to be given one year to repent and become baptised again. And all of their current Republican Party high society leaders are going to be fired from their present leadership jobs and never be allowed to preside over the Mormon church again for the rest of their lives. ~ ~ Whatever, most portraits of Lafayette do have him looking like one of today's transsexual Paris Hilton look alike civil rights heros, like at:,_Marquis_de_Lafayette ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 9.5 UPDATE NOTES: That is Lafayette himself who suddenly gets up and leaves when I am hanging out with Natalie Portman at some cafe in my own private 9 1/2 WEEKS sequel to my own private LAST TANGO IN PARIS movie about my Steven Hughes look alike replacement lover. ~ ~ This being the 1970s inspiration behind the idea that I would be okay with Steven Fresh fucking my French exwife in RISKY BUSINESS if he would be okay with me fucking his Italian exwife and his sister-in-law too; not necessarily at the same time. ~ ~ Hey, I am not in the business of embarrassing or shaming any of my former friends or lovers. ~ ~ Contrary to popular liberal media opinion. I AM not one of those apostate conservative Christian mormons who thinks that his own shit doesn't stink. ~ ~ INTERNATIONAL JEWISH BANKERS CONSPIRACY NOTES: I'm still not seeing anything in the news about Obama being born in Kenya. Even though he just arrived there yesterday. ~ ~ You fuck with me, I fuck with you. ~ ~

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