Thursday, September 10, 2015


That spoken word revelation in the 2BC about today's RLDS leaders in Utah selling fake jewelry is why STEPHEN KING'S STORM OF THE CENTURY takes place in a small town meeting house that looks like the great and abominable church of the devil described in 1NEPHI and MULHOLLAND DR. etc. ~ ~ Remember, today's White House in DC is a Greek temple columns metaphor for all of the desacrated Mormon temples in the last days. Per the spoken word of God that says what goes on in there is "vomit". ~ ~ Therefore, Miley Cyrus was feeling sicky yesterday, but today she is feeling better. ~ ~ Talk about having your cake and eating it too... What's next? Woody Allen is going to cast Smiley in his next movie about me fucking two underaged girls at the same time on my boat in Lake Washington? ~ ~ Just because he knows in his heart that he owes me some really serious cake? ~ ~ And he knows in his heart that I never ever take no for an answer. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS NICKY: You were the figuratively mindless tv media bimbo co-star in the TO DIE FOR prophecy that was about the time when the midnight cowboy in NYC, Donald Trump, would be running for President in 16. ~ ~ So then you die in the future time again and then you become born again in the future time as one of my future wives who likes to keep the three way passion alive in her never ending sexually charged up marriage. For example, my physically transfigurated antihero in STEPHEN KING'S STORM OF THE CENTURY is seen walking along the sidewalk with my son Sean Relf in the end. ~ ~

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