Wednesday, October 14, 2015


That giant negro basketball star from LA got sick to death at a Crystal, Nevada whore house on Tuesday because white America is sick and tired of the Jews propping up and prolonging America's unofficial communist negro party for 42 months nonstop. ~ ~ Therefore, the tall white guy with blond hair is going to win the election in 2016. ~ ~ Anyway you run the numbers, over half the country is still about as white as Dallas, Texas and all of Utah and Idaho; not to mention Iowa and Beaverton, Oregon. ~ ~ What? ~ ~ One of the first things that people notice when they visit Seattle for the first time is how white the place is; ironically speaking. ~ ~ "Seattle is sooo white!!" Alison Roth, 1991. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACK TO THE FUTURE NOTES: In G:II, those two negros, and my French exwife, get pretty spooked when we hear, "I'll be back!!" at around 50:... minutes into the DVD. ~ ~ ELECTION 2016 NOTES: The reason why Donald Trump already has it in the [golf] bag is because most liberal white people know that they are significantly better than black people. "You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl." Willie Nelson. See: ~ ~ NUDIST NOTES: The reason why Ms Montana is so obsessed with nudity is because being naked is a traditional Biblical concept about exposing one's sins. Ergo, all of us will eventually have to appear before the judgement bar of God looking like some nude beach regular along the sands of Black Beach, California; north of San Diego. ~ ~ I don't know about you. But I would rather look like an Iggy Pop in that kind of a situation. Rather than say a Jack Black or a Seth Rogen. ~ ~ Call me an egotist, whatever; I'm not into humilliating and forcing my Democrat Party wives into having sex with me if they don't like it. ~ ~ Rather, I prefer that we have a mutual sexual attraction right from the start, like at: ~ ~ Non of this 'we can learn to love each other later' nonsense.

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