Monday, December 14, 2015


Not only will Donald Trump become the next President of what's left of America; but you get to pay for it. And anything else that I feel like doing then. ~ ~ Do I make another independent feature film on video this month? ~ ~ Or do I chill out and study the scriptures this month at the School of Prophets online academy in Salem, Utah at ~ ~ Do Brad and I go out with the girls for tacos and margaritas tonight? ~ ~ Or maybe all 4 of us stay in and make it a BLOCKBUSTERS popcorn movie night? ~ ~ So many friends, so little time, and too much money. ~ ~ O the joys of being a single man in LA right now; for the time being. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HAPPENING NOTES: Those two kids reading comic books are my two lost sons of Israel down in Portland, Oregon at 1:17:15 into SINGLES, 1991. Note my black and white image on the magazine cover. ~ ~ 1:05:27 NOTE: My 1992 born wife Miley Cyrus gets a flat tire on her medicine wheel bicycle at the same place where Jesus told me in a dream that "Here comes Miley!" ~ ~ Note the San Francisco Gay Area high street comparison. ~ ~ "Seattle is basically the new San Francisco north." [Rush] ~ ~ PS GEORGE LOPEZ: The other night in a dream, Jesus told me that I should tell you to stop it.

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