Monday, March 7, 2016


Believe it or not, a satanic looking D&C 86 priest was shot in the back 4 times Sunday, John Lennon style, in the Cooling, Idaho Priest Lake region of Jared Hess' home state. ~ ~ Which still holds the world record for the biggest rainbow trout ever caught on a rod and reel line. ~ ~ In confirmation of the 'Detroit Iron' 1980s red PONTIAC  car with Ellen Page's Rainbow Arch icon at: ~ ~ Okay, I admit it; I would love to have a few wives who still look like little underaged virgin boys. I'm only human for Jesus sake. ~ ~ Sunday being the day when First Lady Nancy died on the same day that First Lady Hillary was debating that old man in Mitt's iconic Fint, Michigan. ~ ~ Where the clear tap water looks perfectly fine. But you sure as hell would not want to drink it. ~ ~ Ergo, Mr.Mitt and Glenn Beck et all say that the birthers are a bunch of "ridiculous"  white people. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS S/ALMA: Those ten virgins Buffalo had to be shot in Paris, Wisconsin because of your main man residence in Paris, France, at:
 ~ ~ ANIMAL FARM NOTES: My wife Elizabeth Hurley was inspired by God to lease out her pig farm and buy a dairy farm. ~ ~ According to the latest scientific DNA research; white caucasian people are more lactose tolerant than the people of a darker skin; in confirmation of the Bible's variois verses about "...the land of milk and honey..."  being a special place of promise for the Nephites, etc. ~ ~ How "...ridiculous..." might Mitt Romney say. ~ ~ PS JENNIFER ANISTON: I finished watching DON VERDEAN during the poisoned Democrat Party debate in Mitt, Michigan. Then I found this FLINT TROPICS fake image of you at: ~ ~ For the end of Jared Hess' latest ridiculous RLDS, SLC, Utah movie about the Templar's phony [Keira Knightley] obsession with the Branch Davidian Holy Grail cell phone numbers. Hence, the film's Jewish CARNIVAL OF SOULS female co-star look alike, yada yada. ~ ~ By the by. Last night I had a dream about you and me looking at the late JOKER's spacious loft in Manhattan that was finally up for sale. But you were still a little bit too cool towards me; probably because I had made a horse trade deal with YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS husband. ~ ~ Wherein, I get you and Charlie Theron in exchange for that royal Ms.Windsor Lady who looks like those two Olsen Twins look alikes who live up the street from David Lynch. ~ ~ PS PRESIDENT MONSON: You were the first one who agreed with me when my 60 seconds direct response TWO WITNESSES NEWSLETTER ads came roaring out of the [VIEW TO A KILL] gate on AM CALL in radio in the LDS CONFERENCE fall of 1994. ~ ~ And I know that you are now a big time supporter of Donald Trump like I AM is. ~ ~ You and I are not that different; all evidence to the contrary. ~ ~ Since both of us still believe that the whitish skinned Nephites were a notched cut above the darkish skinned LAmanites; not all of the time, but most of the time.

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