Saturday, May 7, 2016


The Irish shark hunter captain in JAWS explains everything that is happening today with his vivid account of what is going to happen to Indianapolis, Indiana in 2016, at:  ~ ~ Coming shortly after his warning at around 1:12 that a "Nor' Easter" storm is coming when they leave port for the open borders sea in REV.13 meets EZE.38. ~ ~ Which was just confirmed by the lucky no.13 horse winning the KENTUCKY DERBY in Lewisville. ~ ~ Who now has the best winning record since BIG BROWN in 2008. ~ ~ Ergo, that southern states '007+981' car plate confirmation of the no.981 fake of a wet no.7 Emma Watson BU grad wearing only a white life jacket and panties, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BORDER CROSSING NOTES: The backstabbing antiamerican Jew media is suggesting that Trump crossed the line in Texas when he said that Hillary Clinton is a macho shit head enabler, without quoting any sources. Which is like them saying that there is nothing to it without ever even reading Sheriff Joe's extensive fact-checked report about Obama's obviously fake computer file birth certificate. "I don't care where Obama was born. It's a felony to put a fraudulent document on an official government web site." Sheriff Joe. ~ ~ Hence today's breaking news that the feds just brought that Mexican mob boss over the border line in El Paso.

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