Thursday, June 30, 2016


Some typical looking 35 year-old Trump supporter cut the head off of a typical looking 20 year-old Bernie millennial dude who had raped his girlfriend up in the 1290' area of Grand Rapids, Minnesota; the end of I-35. ~ See: ~ Which broke the day I started watching INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. ~ That is actually about the 1290 days' abomination of desolation in the same Zemple area. ~ [Zebra is zoo slang for mullato.] ~ Reportedly, after clubbing him on his born again REV.13 head with a special 42" Billy Crystal signature collectors baseball bat, he dumped the severed head and body trunk in the woods near that little place on Rt.2 called Ball Club. ~ In the 1984 movie, the bad guys are all members of the stinky elephant party of Mitt Romney, er all. Who got so turned on and excited that a man from Africa was elected El Presedente, that they forgot to ask him if he was an American citizen for sure. ~ Hence the above Steven Speilberg movie opens with a gay musical song&dance number in CHINATOWN, USA; that says, "...anything goes!!. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ANYTHING YOU WANT NOTES: When Trump becomes President, anything goes. ~ Including lower national taxation, national regulation, and national litigation. ~ Eventually, even the 19666 type national rights for mixed race Jewish homogaysexual feminazi marxists are going to be lowered and ameliorated. ~ In other words, if you don't care that my underaged polygamist mormon wife Miley Montana is bi, then you can't stop me from having a bunch of babies with her. ~ You are dead in the water. ~ "I do what I want, when I want to..." Kristen Stewart. ~ PS MISS PIERSON: That time when we were sitting in a train station espresso cafe in France, and an undercover agent tackled some dark skinned man to the floor, demanding to see his papers, is what is going to happen in France, circa October, 2027. ~ You think Brexit was bad? ~ Wait until you see how the French deal with it. ~

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