Friday, October 7, 2016


I have never been a big fan of the deep throat blow job; too sexually aggressive and homo mocho man for my tastes. ~ Besides, all of the feel good action is at the top of it, like at: ~ If you don't like it. ~ I don't like it. ~ Is what I always say. ~ So stick that in your mouth and blow on it all you lesbos. ~ Me man, you woman. ~ Me Jew, you gentile. ~ And that's my prerogative. ~ You hate me for no reasin; I hate you for no reason. ~ "Crazy bitch..." WILD AT HEART, 1989, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ REVERSE ROLES NOTES: Last night I finished watching 1999's ELECTION prophecy. ~ Which is about a satantically possessed crazy blond Hillary Clinton white girl still running for high school president in her mind and getting away with murder in 2016; with the complete blessings of such mainstream Republican white christians as George Bush Sr. & Jr. and the [1 NEPHI:14] Catholic Pope from Argentina, South America; not to mention THE NEW YORK TIMES and Glenn Beck. ~ PS TRUMP: The boys are playing poker with trump cards in ELECTION when Arizona's Sheriff Joe shows up and proclaims that the game is over. ~ Note the highly suggestive and prophetic 'TRUMP' for president poster in the background at about 31:40 minutes into the movie. ~ Where Hillary exclaims, who is this noboby?.. etc. etc.

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