Tuesday, October 25, 2016


"I want a solid gold toilet too, but it's not in the cards is it." says Austin Powers in AP:II's Russian assassin chess game with Putin prophecy about the future Trump card era in zero 16. ~ As just confirmed by that casino bus crash on the ten virgins highway to hell that happened at the 29 Palms exit to the Indian Canyons area WORLD SERIES that will play out in the city where Trump won the country club Republican [ROGER & ME] nomination. ~ Located next door to the legendary stainless steel 3600 VITA MIX log cabin headquarters in Olmsted Falls; along Rock Creek. ~ Which is where the most successful steelhead rainbow trout transplant happened among the 5 Great Lakes' ten virgins prophecy at JACOB 5:5, etc. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MATTHEW 25 NOTES: The five Great Lakes of the new promised land in the BOOK OF MORMON look like a giant [Lost Israel tribes Tarzan inland sea.] palm tree. ~ OUT WEST NOTES: Bill Clinton rubbed his boner on the back shoulders of that TV news babe in Fort Smith, ARK like a wild 666 ape man for a reason, circa 1980. ~ While telling her that he will someday become the President of America. ~ [Her screen name at the time was Leslie Derrick.] ~ Don't laugh, I believe every word that he said. ~ ROGER THAT NOTES: Here is a good image of Michael Moore wearing his future 'I'M OUT FOR TRUMP' look alike tow-truckers cap, at: http://pyxurz.blogspot.com/2011/10/roger-me-page-3-of-4.html ~ Hello Jeff Hawk, Seattle, Washington, originally from Manitoba, Canada. ~ PS BIBI: When you recently visited Donald Trump at his private luxury Manhatten hightower shag pad, and briefly excused yourself to use his gold plated toilet, did you notice anything unusual about it? ~ Hint, hint, see: http://jimhightower.com/ ~ Personally, I AM is not a big fan of traditional Jewish FDR era fascistic unionism. ~ But I do know how to take advantage of and exploit the weaknesses of my enemies. ~ [CALLING PAGE SIX!!] ~ I like my fascism to be more lean, clean, and mean; with all of the excess fat trimmed off from the bone. ~ As is prophesied in my own private HANNIBAL LECTURER:II prophecy that was made in Fiorenza, Italia. ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: I get rid of your family problems; you get rid of my family problems. ~ If the tax free offshore cash money is right of course. ~ PS MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ: I keep having these really erotic dreams about you. ~ Am I missing something? ~

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