Monday, October 24, 2016


After Michael Moore said that Trump's supporters look like terrorist pedophiles, some mixed race guy named Michael Jr. who is wanted on underaged sex "pedophilia" charges, hijacked that same naive white lady's white LINCOLN TOWNE CAR Jew canoe in WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON; after shooting a couple of politically correct cops in Lincoln County, Oklahomo; located along old highway Rt.66 and I-44; at: ~ I mean think about it. ~ Moore looks exactly like your typical Michigan State Donald Trump voter. ~ Tom Brady was a MSU QB football star; much like the one in ELECTION, 2003. ~ And his groundbreaking independent politics movie entitled ROGER AND ME looks exactly like some future Donald Trump campaign ad for President, circa 2016; complete with a metaphorical similitude baseball cap that says, 'I'M OUT FOR TRUMP', at: . ~ GSR/TWN ~ INSIDE BASEBALL NOTES: Michael Moore has never been treated all that well by the Jews. ~ First of all, he got screwed by those left-wing Jewish assholes at MOTHER JONES magazine in San Francisco, California. ~ So he sued them and won big time in your typical amoral behind the scenes out of court Jewish settlement under the table situation. ~ Then he got the same goyim treatment by those two fat faced athiest Jew pig eaters at MIRAMAX; so he also sued the shit out of those two mother fuckers, like at: ~ Back in the first 666 beast's 1335 days reign of temporary triumph for Adolf Hitler, they called it the "International Jewish bankers conspiracy". ~ Nowadays, they just call it globalism. ~ "I would finance any movie that Michael Moore wanted to make next." Mel Gibson, 1993. ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: According to the spoken word revelations that have been given to the various prophets among the lost tribes of Israel in DC 133. ~ It does not even matter if there is an election held on November 8, 2016. ~ You still become the only legal and legitimately elected President of America with a real [BORN IN THE USA] birth certificate in zero 16. ~ PS KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: I lust after you in every possible way imaginable; both physically, intellectually, and spiritually; yada, yada. ~ And I equally lust after your two sisters too; namely Carey Mulligan and Sienna Miller. ~ BFD ~ I like' em young and I like' em smart and I like them really good looking. ~ Always have, always will. ~ Especially now that I have the money to make it all happen in real time. ~ Since I AM is already the de facto King of England after all, and there is no man who can stand before me; not even Austin Powers. ~

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