Thursday, November 17, 2016


The day after I watched TO BE OR NOT TO BE a better kind of Nazi, a father and his son named Byers both fell off a cliff at Shaver Lake, California, per: ~ Who you will notice had the same fake beard as the shaved unamerican Jewish professor traitor in acedemia during the patriotic Ronald Reagan era movie. ~ Hence the famous rainbow trout fishing lake is located near a small road stop on Rt.168 named Academy; due west of Trimmer and Black Rock. ~ Nearby Squaw Valley representing my Indian bride in FERRI BUELLER'S DAY OFF 1986 prophecy. ~ See: ~ GSR/TWN ~ BOOK NOTES: God caused that little 144 page book entitled THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON to be written for when the time would come that he would make Donald Trump the President of America. ~ And I say this as the very one who is described in REVELATION 10. ~ See the light at: ~ Another timely book that I can recommend is THE LITTLE PRINCE, at: PS SIENNA MILLER: All of the above signs and wonders are about the landmarks of KINGS CANYON NATIONAL PARK. ~ May I suggest the buyers club at for a great place to outfit yourself with a pair of hiking boots and a backpack? ~ Check out their fly-fishing gear section while you are at it. ~ They only carry the best stuff. ~ PS BOB: I'll pay you back with interest if you buy that spring fead private trout pond property on the Provo River's south fork where President Monson spent his summers as a virgin Boy Scout. ~ Don't be a sucker; I told Vince Vaughn to bet big on Trump 4-1 way before those Jewish orthodox London bookies started to get very very nervous; and then they started to shit their pants and reduced it to 2-1. ~ Meanwhile, VV was left holding his bag full of dog shit. ~ Since he still does not have enough free money faith in being saved by Jesus Christ. ~ Talk about being the sausage king of Chicago, yet nobody believes you. ~

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