Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Last night in the wee hours, I dreamed that Ken Kemp and I signed a symbolic production memo deal with Mel Brooks' metaphorical lawyer in the surreal time-warp after hours at HASTY TASTY. ~ While some speed freak at the next table kept trying to distract us with his running rap that made no sense. ~ And then later I read that a British jet from Ken's LDS mission country crashed up in the hills of Spanish speaking Columbia where the ROMANCING THE STONE prophecy takes place. ~ Which was about the time he encountered a Mormon football player who was making a meager living selling fruits and vegetables from a street cart because the church said he couldn't play sports on Sunday. ~ Meanwhile in the near future, former BYU football stars like Young and Wilson were raking in millions playing for the NFL on the Lord's day at 2bc.info. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: Like my older guy tells my younger guy at the end of BOOGIE NIGHTS; "I have the talent and the distribution, you have the money... The future is in video." ~ SWEET ASS NOTES: Last night God told me that the sun will be shining very bright in the Bay Area on a Thursday in April. ~ PS GLENN BECK: More Donald Trump, less Hillary Clinton. ~ More apostate Book of Mormon masonry, less apostate christian Bibleism. ~ You're 15 minutes of luke warm middle of the road fame is now over. ~ Meanwhile, I have so many underaged wives that I have to fuck two of them at a time, every fucking day, just in order to get around to the rest of them before they begin to get so horny and unsatisfied that they start seeking after strange flesh. ~

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