Wednesday, November 16, 2016


The prophetic Reaganite high tower [SEARS] victory parade for Donald Trump in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, 1986, is about the "shake it up baby" lyrics to TWIST & SHOUT. ~ As today's Internationalist Jewish establishment continues to twist in the wind and cry and shout about the sudden breakup of decadent democratic party fascism. ~ Which is exactly why my sidekick from Africa started off his last and final global tour in Greece. ~ In order to warn the world that Trump is in fact the white Greek house President figure seen in President George Albert Smith's WWIII vision inside of St.George, Utah's white HOUSE OF THE LORD temple in Washington County. ~ Or like that Trump supporter wearing Scotish tartan says in [no.42] TAXI DRIVER, 1976; someday a "real rain" is going to come along and wash down the filthy dirty mean streets of New York City: akk. Sodom and Egypt. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ALMOST FAMOUS NOTES: Scottish tartan flannel shirts and long sleeve thermal [Mormon] temple underwear garments were all the rage during the underground Seattle grundge rock era in SINGLES meets ROCK STAR. ~ Think ROCK STAR was/is/will be about me fucking Jennifer Aniston in the ass in THE WAY WE WERE meets CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND, at: ~ AND: ~

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