Tuesday, December 20, 2016


That BIG BROWN rig full of fed parsals crashed in day 1290 Danville, California, below Mount Diablo, for a reason. ~ It being the same day that the Russian ambassador was assassinated in Turkey by an agent of the dark skinned abomination of desolation. ~ Who has been using these kind of devilish fake email news stories in order to dump on the blond white man Donald Trump. ~ What goes around comes around; i.e. what goes in, must eventually come out. ~ You threaten the Russian's with a fake news DNC email hacking story, God gives you a fake retaliation conspiracy theory to chew on. ~ Per that taxi driver White Horse Prophecy in 1997 starring Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts, at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conspiracy_Theory_(film) ~ GSR/TWN ~ CORRECTION NOTES: Last night Michael told me that the NYT will eventually sell, or resell, for 6.4% on the dollar, not 10%. ~ PS GLENN BECK: God has punished you er all so painfully because you er all have mocked and made fun of the two witnesses prophecy in REV.11. ~ In the same spirit that today's apostate Christians have mocked and made fun of the world wide BM movement. ~ ONE STAR RECOMMENDED NOTES: Find out where I had my post wedding reception trout dinner in France, circa 1974, and many of your troubling questions about love, romance and marriage and THE JOY OF SEX, 1970s style, will be answered. ~ Hint hint. ~ We had a bucket of KENTUCKY FRIED [chickified] CHICKEN after Laurence and I got married in that weird looking Provo River, BYU wedding cake temple. ~ And then we went to France and had a more proper wedding feast. ~ Wherein I ordered the rooster in red wine, and my polygamist BIG LOVE father in law ordered the traditional rare beef filet; blackened to a crisp on the outside, and completely blood red rare on the inside. ~

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