Sunday, December 18, 2016


That mighty and powerful 7.9 in the REV.13 sea east of New Ireland on SNL Saturday, near the Jewish Solomon Islands, was for the better butter and superior cheeses of Ireland; compared to that bland and fakey [JACOB 5] crapola in FARGO, Minnesota; not to mention the unfinished oak furniture themes in RAISING ARIZONA. ~ [Alec Baldwin and Carey Mulligan are Irish.] ~ This alone is half the reason why the cuisine tastes sooo much better in France. ~ Imagine that, the old fashion chefs there use butter, and not hydrogenized soybean oil. ~ How genius! ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS COURTNEY LOVE: I have not forgotten about you and your daughter for one miniute. ~ Enough said for now; good things take time, yada yada. ~ That goes for you too little Miss Mossy. ~ VIVA THE FRANCE NOTES: As the future NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE emporer of France; we will have to drive out all of the antichrist muslims starting in October 2027. ~ Think DAY OF THE JACKAL:II; when the good guys win this time. ~ And yours truly is driving around town in one of my restored ALFA ROMEOs, just for the shits and giggles. ~

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