Sunday, January 8, 2017


That little masked negro boy who is a dicy TRUMP casino crapped-out game figure in the TRICK OR TREAT episode is standing next to his female [Hillary Clinton] wiccan lesbian Jewish woman voter; a.k.a. Elvira, at: ~ And then the luxurious 7-hills mansion in WAG THE DOG gets covered up with a shit load of toilet paper, like at: ~ In other more simple minded and PLAIN TRUTH magazine words; people who believe that the Russians leaked those DNC emails are the same risky people in the RISKY BUSINESS prophecy; who have nothing to lose anymore; and are still rolling the dice and telling us that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. ~ Per the Donald Trump white man leader prophecy that came out two years before the abomination of desolation's 42 months were up. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 007 notes: Daniel Craig's genealogy tree has ancient oaktree branches that extend back to his traditional royal ISAIAH 11:1 rod and stems of Judah in Scotland. ~ Ergo, CASINO ROYALE: 2 was directed by a Scotsman named Campbell. ~ And of course, the original 1960s 007 swinger was played by a dark tall and handsome Jewish gentleman from Scotland with the traditional Irish name Sean Connery. ~ Or let me put it to you this way; the star of THE ENGLISHMAN making a mountain out of a mole hill in the 1st World War was Hugh Grant; who is your typical half Jewish Scotish bugger, now living in London. ~ "Damn southerners!" Ringo Starr in A HARD DAYS NIGHT; still living it up in tax free Monte Carlo. ~ Where they filmed HERBIE THE LOVE BUG: 4. ~ Which years later became a Paris, France prophecy about that fat ass nigger-loving cunt who got her huge PINK PANTHER diamond stone stolen. ~

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