Friday, January 6, 2017


Making a mountain out of a mole hill and triggering a cowboys&indians 3rd world war [BLAZZING SADDLES: 2] shoot out seems to be the over-the-top driving force behind CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. ~ As just confirmed by TMZ' new pix of Obama's WAG THE DOG mansion in the general area where Seth Rich was gunned down with 2 shots in the back, Donald Young Chicago mob style, at: ~ POP QUIZ: What do the letters 'TMZ' stand for? ~ ANSWER: 'Thirty Mile Zone' per the 30 BELOW indie film screening in the Larry David episode. ~ Because a 30 mile radius is considered to be the danger zone for any nuclear bomb radiation hair fallout for "BALD ASSHOLE" meathead Jews who still worship the 666 beast by the sea in REV.13:1. ~ For example, in the Donald Trump prophecy entitled SHAMPOO, the hot Liz Hurley physical transfiguration babe wears a wig. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR. SCHIT/WAR/NIGGER: Who in the hell wants a white tall blond man in the Greek White House fraternity of Israel who represents "ALL" of America? ~ When everybody and his little shit dog knows that at least 20% of American is not legit, and should be TERMINATED one way or the other ASAP. ~ Preferably put on an airplane with a nice warm blanket and a bag of peanuts. ~ Whatever. ~ Where there is no law, there is no freedom. ~

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