Wednesday, January 18, 2017


That wild-at-heart pit bull in Atlanta killed the little virgin Logan Braatz because it's owner looks like Rep. John Lewis, at: ~ So now we have an army of crazy niggers and spoiled rotten little white Braatz who believe in Obama's fake WAG THE DOG cyber war conspiracy about the Russians hijacking the legitimate [Rocky Mtns. earthquake landslide.] election of President Donald Trump in REV.16, at: ~ As just confirmed by those triple 5s in one hour that rocked Roma. ~ Where most of the fascistic leaders of Africa get their fine tin medal suits taylored. ~ Thank you Judah! ~ GSR/TWN ~ AMERICAN GIG/OLO NOTES: Julian's birthmark at about 37:30 is the marred evergreen tree in front of my love shack hideout in Bonney Lake. ~ Whose top branches and pinecones were broken off and deformed by a winter time storm during the abominable administration of the prince in MARK 13:14. ~ Fortunately, the top third of the 19 year-old "volunteer" tree has started to grow up and out again, over the past few years. ~ According to the prophetic 1980s Ronald Reagan era Barry Obama solution, at: ~ PS CAGE: Dude. ~ You will never look like this again in this lifetime; until and unless you get your head out of your asshole, at: ~ PS BILL GATES: In the enclosed AMERICAN GIGOLO clip, Julian's bed cover is a quilted pattern of your typically defective 1980s era computer WINDOW screen icons. ~ PS CHARLIZE: Does your mother still have that beach shag pad in Malibu? ~ Just asking, because my business partner Paul Allen is still trying to buy up every single waterfront real estate investment opportunity property in Malibu. ~ God knows why. ~

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