Monday, February 13, 2017


The number of wet-back pilot whales trying to die in New Zealand's Golden Bay area is now pushing 1000. ~ As confirmed by the Oroville Dam [Goldville] prophecy that started on the same weekend of the golden trumpet [MIDAS BREAKS\MUFFLERS] warning at: ~ Which is threatening Butte County's Hwy.70 corridor of the 70 weeks prophecy in DANIEL 9. ~ ["My kids are so loud!!" Sandra Bullock] ~ Wherein the homogaysexual prince and his followers go to war against the more righteous white christian people in the REV.12 floods. ~ Who were defeated by Trump's blond SHAMPOO 1972 people exactly 42 months after the 5.9 cutting time. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 59 NOTES: The second episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE feathers yours truly in the role of a former pitchman who makes his last two witnesses pitch to the CHARLIES ANGELS. ~ One of whom lays in the street like the two witnesses in REV.11. ~ And then I make my last strong GSR/TWN thread pitch using Rush Limbaugh's silk ties from the special deal 1290 days period of Biil and Hillary Clinton. ~ Per that 59 year-old hispanic doorman on the upper east side of NYC who fell down some stairs in the snow and crashed through MS WINDOWS 9 symbol that cut his throat. ~ OJ TRIAL NOTES: All of those day-time soap apera tv niggers sitting on the 1260 days jury believed that OJ had a right to cut his blond wife's throat with a red SWISS ARMY knife. ~ SERIOUS MAN NOTES: You kids need to watch this Coen Bros movie if you want to understand why California is no longer a red state. ~ Believe me you; Your typical Jewish lesbian negro professor at your local public NPR radio college is not even going to mention it. ~ PS BRAD PITT: Your inspired gentle Jesus performance in KILLING THEM SOFTLY is what convinced me that you are THE SON OF LEBOWSKI: II&III. ~ Costarring any hot young PLAN-B A-list actress that I would love to fuck too no matter what. ~ I like Donald Trump, they don't like Donald Trump. ~ Crazy in the head, great in bed. ~ See what I AM is talking about, at: ~

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