Thursday, April 13, 2017


Those pagan goddess Moabite mother fuckers were mountain dwelling cousins of the more righteous Israelites, at: ~ Who were constantly at war with each other like the white skin Nephites and the dark skin LAmanites in ALMA 35, etc. ~ Therefore, the poker game references in THE ARRIVAL that make the TWILIGHT ZONE episode a TRUMP casino time-line prophecy. ~ As just confirmed by the JOKER'S JINX rollercoaster problem at 666 FLAGES AMERICA in the Prince George County, Mary/land's Washington, DC area. ~ They don't call it the MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS for no reason. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 70 WEEKS NOTES: This May's 70th CANNES film festival is a DAN.9 thing. ~ In confirmation of that REV.9 scorpion on a UNITRD flight from I-35 Dallas to the northern lost tribes country of Canada. ~ 35 LINE NOTES: I-35 runs from Present Trump's new wall on the Mexican border, right next to White House Lake, up to the Twin Cities of Judah and Ephraim in FEELING MINESOTA meets FARGO, at: AND: ~

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