Monday, April 17, 2017


That little white enfant terrible kid who took over Peaksville, Ohio in episode 73 represents today's quick-draw [BLAZZING SADDLES] kid from Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ Whose local small town skyline is dominated by 14,410' Mt Rainier's famous sperm colored White River king salmon spawning runs in the proverbial SPRING TIME FOR HITLER new musicals season on Broadway. ~ Even the same me, myself, and I AM, who causes that adult birthday boy moron to turn into a surprise Pres.Trump JACK IN THE BOX election 2016 winner ~ While STARDUST is being banged out on the piano by some faint hearted coward who has nothing going for him but a conservative looking short military style haircut. ~ Wherefore, my own private fast food franchise of Babylon is also located on Hwy.410; directly across from STARBUCKS, and that Chinese buffe all-you-can-eat for 9.99 joint called PANDA. ~ The latter franchise being based in the highlands of Pasadena, California; reknown for their crispy orange chicken rice bowls that have no MSG. ~ Which keeps'em coming back for more every week, week after week. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JG: That highlands plateau dam in Oroville started to flood again like crazy right after you filed for your divorce from Batman meets Superman. ~ PS KEN: After WWIII, the iconic Robert Redford movie entitled THE WAY WE WERE meets A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT will be about you scouting out for me some of the most amazing trout lakes and beaver ponds in the world. ~ PS WOODY NORRIS: Your nervous looking 29 year-old physically transfigurated delivery boy in THE TWILIGHT ZONE no.73 is a 1260 days 7.3 1996 thing. ~ For example, when you broke your leg in 1969, and then it became miraculously healed by faith in about two weeks, it was an IN LIKE OUR MAN FLINT Donald Trump [Abe Lincoln] miracle election Civil War prophecy. ~ In other words, that same $3,000,000 that you got for doing mostly nothing for three years in Del Mar, CA represents the same 3 big ones that Sandra Bulluck and her sisters are going to put together and give to me for seed money. ~ Otherwise, there will be hell to pay. ~ And I'm not just whistling DIXIE. ~

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