Friday, May 5, 2017


People are always wondering what the latter-day marred servant sex-freak in 3NEPHI 20-21 is going to look like. ~ Who is supposed to look more strange than any other deformed man has ever looked like, at: ~ Well, go ahead, take a cold hard long look at it if you can. ~ And also note the Bruce Jenner man/woman in a cage in the opening shots. ~ Whereat Seattle's very own extremely strange looking Dr.Evil is just starting to place all of the most beautiful plants in his garden. ~ Think, LOGAN'S RUN meets IN LIKE OUR MAN FLINT meets IT HAPPENED AT THE SEATTLE WORLDS FAIR, at: circa 1964. ~ Which looks like my own hair covered bubble on the back of my head, at: ~ Note the green grass covered roof to the south of it. ~ "You were a cacoon, who soon became a tycoon..." ONE MORE PALLBEARER. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SPEILBERG AND SEINFELD: I finally got to the KICK THE CAN episode on Friday. ~ The same day that the Republicans voted for a more streamlined third way version of Obamacare. ~ Which takes place in ISAIAH 11:10 at Mr.Sunshine's SUNNYVALE REST home at: ~ PS STEPHEN KING: More George Washington, less Karl Marx. ~

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