Monday, May 15, 2017


In this 1964 season 5 TTZ episode entitled NUMBER 12 LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU, a very reluctant Jennifer Anniston finally gets physically transfigured at the hight of her fith season FRIENDS tv series success in 2000. ~ After having been counseled by a shadowy Nazi medicine figure named 'Professor Friends' who looks just like George Clooney's Jewish doctor in the ER television series by 1999. ~ Eventually, the Jewish Rachael Green actress chooses number 8 look alike; as confirmed by her larger-than-life fake tits image no.8 at: ~ Which corresponds with the 1964 set's use of thick plastic fixtures and furniture. ~ GSR/TWN ~ JEWISH MOTHERS DAY NOTES: That old dead Jews synagogue in lower Manhattan burst into a DANTE'S INFERNO for traitors and back-stabbers on Sunday. ~ After a freak wind and thunder storm hit Rutherford, New Jersey only a few hours earlier. ~ TRUMP CARD NOTES: Per those three trump casino cards in THE TRADE-INS, America's miraculous BRANCH DAVIDIAN servant will be staying at the fancy KING DAVID HOTEL in Jerusalem on May 23. ~ Put that in your pot pipe and smoke it. ~ PS NYT: Clinton lost the 2016 election because she is a cunt, and The Donald is a stud. ~ Ergo, that former Baptist Church for ugly old Jews burned down in Manhattan just one block over from Clinton Street. ~ "I auditioned for the new Nazi Holocaust movie, but they said that I was too skinny for the part." Paul Nestor, Bellevue, Washingtion, 1981. ~ 12 TRIBES NOTES: Back in the late 1950s and early 1960s, everybody was reading PLAIN TRUTH magazine; then based in Pasadena, now based in Oaklahona City, north of Demi Moore city. ~ PS SANDY: You were born in 1964 for a reason. ~ Ergo, your gifted child photographer birthday party clown boyfriend is a Paul Nestor father figure in your life. ~ Nothing wrong with that at this point in time. ~ However, have you ever considered asking him if he might be interested in directing IT:8, or something else like it? ~ Whatever, just keep it under 12 big ones. ~ Which is pretty much the threshold number where I don't ask you any questions about who you are talking to on the telephone. ~ Hey, you make me want to fuck you, I make you want to fuck me, like at: ~ All is fair in love and war. ~

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