Friday, June 9, 2017


In George Clooney's surreal reality tv game-show cold war era Russian CIA conspiracy assassin movie entitled CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND, my protagonist argues with Julia Roberts about how my cum tastes. ~ And I quote, "No it doesn't... Yes it does... No it doesn't... I betcha a dollor it does..." ~ Kind of like the underground fascists in today's DNC/NYT still trying in vain to open the door that g-d had shut tight on Hillary Clinton er al in 2016. ~ Even that same solid shut door with multiple bolt-locks at Donald Trump's penthouse in ZERO EFFECT meets TO DIE FOR. ~ Yes my little darlings, according to the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, the elected white man President of White America has every legal authority to shut down any private detective political subversions going on at the Jew infested MLK/LBJ/DOJ, per: ~ And why not? ~ That lesbian bitch mayor in DC with a cursed black skin job has shut down the private detective [CHINATOWN] investigation into the polital assassination of Seth Rich; and she had every legal right to do it. ~ "Democratic elections have consequences." Rush Limbaugh. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TTZ/TMZ NOTETS: The first IN HIS IMAGE full hour episode in season 4 is about Ken Keisler overcoming his past several 666 business enterprise incarnation failers and finally finding his true reality tv wife on some Russian Intenet matchmaker URL who will love him and accept him for who he is in real life. ~ YESTERDAY'S NEWS MEMOS: If England is really and truly a 50/50 political reality TV show [VIRGIN AIR] situation these days, why does the left believe that they have the right to rule anymore than Mrs.May Day has the right to rule? ~ In confirmation of my long held theories about me becoming the King of England only after half of the population has already died, or is almost dead; per the 1960s retro SHAWN OF THE DEAD [Ken Keisler look alike] movie meets 1969's MOONWALKERS' horny Greg Relf secret CIA spy 007 spoof prophecy. ~

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