Sunday, June 11, 2017


After those five post-inauguration never-ending months of painful Jewish butt-fucker "revelation" afflictions by the Jewish REV.9 media of Sodom and Egypt, they all got a really nasty sting in the butt by their own little big brown pet scorpion. ~ Yet Comey and the boys still refuse to repent and apologize for what they were doing on the down low behind closed doors for the past 5 moons. ~ Ergo, the first woe now cometh; then the other two happen, it being a Biblical law "two or more witnesses" thing. ~ Per the part in REV.12 where the wicked are overcome after 42 months. ~ And then they go to war against the saints and die. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TTZ/TMZ NOTES: Episode 104 is THE THIRTY FATHOM GRAVE: Wherein a sick minded Barack Obama er al is being haunted and driven crazy by the return of the WW:II dead in WW:III in the Solomon Sea of modern day Israel. ~ Per this Captain Havoc no.104 fake of [my pillow dot come] Jennifer Aniston, at: ~ Who is still remembered in certain circles for her rather surreal [one woman show] rendition of YELLOW SUBMARINE at the AMERICAN AIRLINES theater in Manhattan. ~ FAKE BUT REAL MEDIA MOVIE QUOTATIONS: "They'll all think that we are the two coolest dudes in the world when they see us fucking Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan in the ass at the same time..." in Bend, Oregon, circa 2018, DOMINO:II the sequel. ~ If the tax-free off-shore cash-money is right of course. ~ PS ADRIANA LIMA: Seth Rich was shot in the back by a crazy fanatic JESUS CHRIST SUPER STAR meets HAIR Broadway musical fan from Hawaii on Sammy Davis Jr.'s 50th birthday for a Seth Rich prophecy. ~ Think SPRING TIME FOR HITLER meets CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM; season 9. ~ Remember, it was the Eastern Berlin white Russians who crushed the Nazis in WW:II meets WW:III. ~ Therefore, now they are pretty much running the show these days; give or take 42 years later. ~ See: CONFESSIONS OF A DANGERIOUS MIND meets BANANAS, at: ~ PS GISELE BUNDCHEN: I am your brother's keeper. ~ If anything should ever happen to him, I will step up into the pocket and take care of you until he makes his next miraculous 'first fruits' come back. ~ In order that you don't have to seek after strange flesh to fukfill your basic needs, like your Brazilian [BLAME IT ON RIO] sister wife Adriana Lima is doing. ~

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