Monday, June 12, 2017


Michael Douglas' liberal journalist gets his brain washed by that John Goodman [KING RALPH] look alike gang of three at the end of VALLEY OF THE SHADOW. ~ [Think BARTON FINK's typical white insurance salesman Donald Trump supporter.] ~ Which ends with Michael at the opening gas station scene getting back a half Jewish $5 Lincoln and change; then backing up and making a U-turn in his 59 IMPALA with yours truly, THE INVISIBLE MAN SAILOR DOG sitting next to him, at: ~ After WW:III starts up in North Korea and Iran of course; let's not get ahead of ourselves here. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SENATOR SCHUMER: Why do you suppose that the North Koreans have a long tradition of eating dog meat on special holiday occasions? ~ "The Jews are [ANIMAL FARM] dogs!!" Leslie Winn, circa 1968. ~ PS JEFF: You lost 8.59 in one day because you got a big laugh about me telling you that you now owe me 8.5. ~ Wherefore, now you get to keep 10%, and I get the other 90%. ~ All is fair in love and war. ~ Or like Sandra Bullock's southern father liked to say, "I ain't just whistling Dixie." ~ REALITY CHECK NOTES: President Trump has the constitutional right to shut down any DOJ investigation that he believes has become too politized. ~ And congress has the right to impeach him if they think that he has gone bananas and overstepped his authority. ~ Of course, they would need some rather solid evidence to make such a drastic thing. ~ Otherwise, they would never get enough votes to do it in a thousand years. ~ OLD READER NOTES: The Patomic River in DC is an Indian medicine man reference to the river in DANIEL 12. ~ Hence, all of those pink Japanese cherry blossom trees that have no fruits on them. ~ Like in LOST IN TRANSLATION meets BLUE VELVET meets WILD AT HEART. ~

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