Sunday, July 2, 2017


Right when the [Jimmy Carter 70s] Pope of ROMA fired Cardinal Muller, two couples died when their two engine PIPER 32 crashed just north of Carters Lake in Georgia's [Bill] Murray County. ~ So obviously, that mother fucking Jew named Bob Mueller at the DOJ better start cleaning out his desk right now. ~ What goes around, comes around. ~ Word to the wise, "You can't fire me because I resigned!" Jim Carrey in that really funny 1990s movie. ~ Or was it Steven Martin in that other really funny 1980s movie? ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS WOODY NORRIS: God's mighty and strong servant Bruce R McConkie saw you as his mighty and strong one in D&C 85 rival. ~ Whatever, "There are probably thousands of BRANCH DAVIDIANS..." Sterling David Allan; a.k.a. GOD THE FATHER OF CHRIST IN THE FLESH who lives and walks among us in Utah County at: ~ Hey guys, everyone has to have their special calling in life. ~ Remember, you read it here first. ~ That huuuge government NSA complex will soon be converted into a gold and silver coin minting facility for the nearby Kennecott [Ken Kemp] relief mine, at: . ~

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